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Chattanooa Surplus Site Navigation tips

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We want people to be able to find products they want, once they get to our site.  We have set up four different ways to find what we have.  I will go over these, to make it easier to navigate Chattanooga Surplus.

First, we have a standard search, Chattanooga Surplus search page.  There is also a seach link at the top of each page.  This is a standard keyword search, type any term or part number here, and it will return relevant results.

Second we have catalog link on every page, Our Catalog.  This has a grid or list view of every product we have.  It can be sorted several different ways, or narrowed down by tags.

Third is product type.  Each item is assigned a specific type, and these can be browsed in the left hand column of the home page. Lastly, we have collections.  Collections group like items together, across different types.  These are also available in the left column of every page.

We are still tweaking the layout, and will be experimenting with a drop-down catalog and fleshing out the tags as we go.  Thanks for the visit.

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